Il teatro ai tempi della cultura convergente. Effetti di serializzazione nelle arti performative

Roberta Ferraresi


First, it was “The Gutenberg Galaxy”; then, “the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”; and now, here we are with another strong technological turn, which is influencing our lives, and again the artistic and cultural production as well. They call it “Convergence Culture”, focusing on a new (always interwoven) way of life caused by the portable technologies and the spread of the Internet.  This study aims to analyze how these changes are affecting contemporary Italian theatre, with the support of the work developed by media studies in the field of serialization practices. Using the work developed by media studies on the serialization practices. In particular, it focuses on the phenomena of expansion of cultural products, moving from the context of the creation to the world of the reception. While respecting the specificity of both fields, the intention is to build a shared multidisciplinary perspective to understand how some effects of the “Convergence Culture” are changing the artistic and cultural production.


Convergence culture; theatre studies; performance studies; serialization.

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