Scena contemporanea e narrazione seriale: quattro esempi del nuovo secolo (Rafael Spregelburd, Fanny & Alexander, I Sacchi di Sabbia, Teatro Sotterraneo)

Rodolfo Sacchettini


Contemporary scene, in Italy and abroad, has been facing serial projects mainly since 2000, creating new artistic forms, hybridations and involving different traditions. This new perspective seems to become, regarding some research theatre groups, an increasingly popular, and constantly growing, experimental ground. This is due to many factors, part intrinsic part extrinsic to the artistic phenomenon that will be discussed in this paper.Beginning from V. Nabokov’s Ada and The Wizard of Oz by Fanny & Alexander, to Rafael Spregelburd’s Bizzarra and Teatro Sotterraneo with their Be legend!, finally with I quattro moschettieri by I Sacchi di Sabbia, the idea of serial narration in theatre plays with penny dreadful, soap operas, radiophonic revue and with the new TV  series’ language, in order to develop a reflection and renew both dramaturgical devices and relationship between public and scene.


scena contemporanea, dispositivi, spettatori, interazione

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