Video co-creation: come cambia la serialità audiovisiva nello scenario della convergenza

Sara Monaci


Web technologies transformed the media production field in many aspects: audio­visual contents in particular, are at the centre of a reshaping process involv­ing their use, creative production, distribution and consumption. The effects of digital disruption are revealed though a media production field characterized by an increasing complexity. Co-creation environments emerge as new digital inter­mediaries, which may integrate the open collaboration of peers with the need to identify new ways of recognising and enhancing creativity in a sustainable way. Based on an empirical analysis of co-creation web platforms related to the audiovisual domain, the paper aims at identifying an organisational model for crea­tive production whilst reflecting on the role of platforms such as Tongal, Userfarm, Filmaka and others amongst consolidated institutions such as the cultural indus­tries and new on line aggregators such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.


co-creation, video-production, convergence culture, online aggregator, seriality

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