Alterations of Choline Phospholipid Metabolism in Ovarian Tumor Progression: a NMR study

Alessandro RICCI, Egidio Iorio, Franca Podo


In the present study, we quantified the intracellular levels of PC metabolites in the progression from non-tumoral ovarian surface epithelial (OSE) cells or immortalized cell variants to ovarian cancer cell lines and related these levels to quantitative differences in the basal activity of enzymes involved in PC biosynthesis and/or catabolism. In particular, the choline kinase (chok) basal activity rate and the overall PC-specific phospholipases C and D (PC-plc and PC-pld) activity were evaluated.


ovarian cancer, choline phospholipid metabolism, NMR, choline kinase, phosphocholine, phospholipase.

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