A Web Service-based Process-aware Information System for Smart Devices

Daniele Battista, Daniele Graziano, Valerio Franchi, Alessandro Russo, Massimiliano de Leoni, Massimo Mecella


Nowadays, process-aware information systems (PAISs) are widely used for the management of "administrative" processes characterized by clear and well-defined structures. Besides those scenarios, PAISs can be used also in mobile and pervasive scenarios, where process participants can be only equipped with smart devices, such as PDAs. None of existing PAISs can be entirely deployed on smart devices, making unfeasible its usage in highly mobile scenarios. The use of smart devices poses interesting issues, such as reduced power, small screen size and battery consumption. This paper illustrates a full-fledged operationalisation of a PAIS, namely ROME4EU, which relies on a mobile Web service middleware and a BPEL orchestration engine, where both client applications and server-side components are running on Windows Mobile PDAs.

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