Saving Science. And beyond

Mariano Bizzarri, Ana M. Soto, Carlos Sonnenschein, Giuseppe Longo


We commend Dan Sarewi , a professor of Science and Society at Arizona State University, for his recent arti- cle on the status of science (Sarewitz, 2016). The article sheds light on the complex issue of irreproducibility and lack of progress in certain areas of scienti c re- search, particularly on the sociological determinants of the status quo. These are compelling explanations and therefore will not be addressed in our commentary. We will posit, instead, that contrary to Sarewi’ opinion, the notion that progress in fundamental science cannot be managed from “outside” by managers focused on speci c practical results, or contrary to the current NIH practice, from “inside” by “study sections” populated by peers that while accepting the current dogma, may be incapable or unwilling to recognize a novel idea and, thus, intent to maintain the status quo (Huang, 2013). 

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Organisms. Journal of Biological Sciences
ISSN 2532-5876