La casa come servizio? Temi e questioni dell’azione pubblica sotto osservazione

Massimo Bricocoli


The discourse on housing policies opens to the imaginary of light interpretations of what a dwelling is: shared housing, temporary housing, multi-local living and rental housing solutions that can match new life and work patterns. But several constraints and even paradoxes seem to emerge and to challenge these interpretations which are conquering the debate on the provision social housing. In the domain of social and collaborative housing provided by the third sector, the emphasis on community building and sharing, tends to emphasize the setting of roots and commitment in the local context which tend to produce reluctance to housing mobility, as it usually happens in homeownership. On the other side, in conditions of social and economic fragility, a public dwelling represents a safe harbour and tenants develop a strong sense of belonging which makes them very reluctant to any move. If housing is to be considered as a service, more structural measures need to be undertaken to support more fluid housing pathways.

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