Letteratura e urbanistica. Percorsi letterari per cercare di farsi meno male possibile nella città

Romeo Farinella


The reflections presented by this contribution address the various ways of illustrating and representing cities and their territories. Studying urban transformations by means of literary sources has become a patrimony also shared by Urbanism. The processes of urban and territorial transformation have cancelled portions and, at times, entire cities which, however, we can reconstruct and revive thanks to literature. Especially during the 20th century, the narrative of cities created many myths (i.e., Paris) and contributed to introduce smaller towns (as, for instance, Ferrara); for its part, Urbanism turned narrative into a practice for facing and tackling the issues of city planning and design.

Parole chiave

Letteratura; Urbanistica; Parigi; Ferrara; Racconto; Progetto

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13133/2532-6562_1.2.4


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