Activity concentration and spatial distribution of radon radionuclides in beach sands of Gaza Strip, Palestine

Khalid Fathi Ubeid, Khaled Ahmed Ramadan


Sand beach contamination by radon has been investigated along the beach of Gaza Strip, Palestine. Around forty samples of surface beach sands have been selected along the study area, then analyzed in the laboratory to find the grain-size distribution and radon activity concentration. The results showed grain-size fining towards the north direction, and high level radon activity in Gaza and North Governorates, both located in the northern side of the study area. These results suggest positive correlation between the grain-size of the sediments and radon concentration, and radon activity depending on black fine-grained sediments carried from Nile delta by longshore currents generated by approaching breaking waves. On the other hand, the slightly increasing in concentration levels were observed around the wastewater pumping stations which discharge in the beach. The annual effective dose (AED) in these governorates were above the standard international limit, whereas the AED of the radon in the remaining governorates in the Gaza Strip were below the standard international limit.


Beach sand; Grain-size distribution; radon radionuclides; Pollution; Gaza Strip; Palestine

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