Senza pensieri. Gomorra-La serie: dal contesto produttivo alle audience della Rete, fenomenologia di un processo culturale transmediale

Antonella Napoli, Mario Tirino


Gomorra-La serie (2014 — ongoing) is a television series which approaches the standards of the so-called "quality television", thanks to its cinematographic properties and because it is capable of forming cross-media fictional universes. This paper sets out to analyze this product and its potential of transmedia storytelling. Through the analysis of the related works on fictional seriality and post-seriality, the paper deals with the genesis of Gomorra—La serie, analyzing the ties with the book by Roberto Saviano and with the film by Matteo Garrone. The observation also extends to the audiences of this serial and its grassroot manipulations — fanfiction, fanvideo, tributes, parodies and citations — which circulate through social media as an expression of the participatory culture of digital media.

Parole chiave

transmedia storytelling, quality television, fan cultures

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