Televisione. Sequestro e dissequestro della storia

Mihaela Gavrila


Born together with the history it narrates, television takes over the role of power supply and archive of national and individual memory.  At the same time, Tv is expression and manifestation of our memories and fundamental component of identity, like no nedium has done. All this allows to affirm that current affairs are turning into our history as a result of speed of TV. The accompanying path between the social history of the country and television storytelling are the focus of this article. After a review of the possible contamination between history and television, this essay focuses on the narrative function of TV and the high incidence of this medium on the visibility or cancellation of events, social facts and characters.To demonstrate the responsibility of TV over the historicizing process and the impact on collective memory, in the second part of this essay we have been brought into focus some historical facts emphasized or "obscured" behind the apparent transparency of this medium.

Parole chiave

storytelling, memoria, immaginario, audiovisivo, responsabilità sociale

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