Sbarchi mediatici. Pratiche di consumo mediale e rappresentazioni socio-narrative del fenomeno migratorio

Guido Di Fraia, Elisabetta Risi


The paper analyzes how certain practices of media usage can contribute to the construction of collective imaginaries and representations of some social phenomena. In particular, it discusses how practical differences in the use of the media (traditional and digital) and news by young people generate an imagery related to the issue of immigration. Starting from some "classic communication" theories, and supplemented with more reflections on the social representations, an empirical research was conducted using a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches. The essay will be focused on the qualitative study conducted through qualitative interviews based on a sample of 40 individuals between the ages of 20 and 26. The study confirms that the perception of the migratory phenomenon is strongly modeled on the stereotypical images that the media circulate. The media and visual narratives shape the imaginary so much that what does not circulate through the media, people do not have images or stories.

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