Frammenti di un discorso virale. Le cornici del coronavirus

Federico Boni


The article argues that in order to make sense sociologically of the global pandemic of coronavirus it is less important to find a meaning to what is happening than to adopt the main meta-frame of estrangement: by doing so, we could be able to consider the present situation not in its ability to provide us with meanings, but in its ability to keep them alive. If this is to be a first (perhaps premature) meta-theoretical reflection on the pandemic in progress, then it must focus on the frames of coronavirus, and not on the interpretations they can refer to. The article tries to explore some of these frames; that of “risk and blame”, that of “invisibility and exclusion”, and that of “(im)mobility and acceleration”. These frames are to be considered as preliminary “fragments of a viral discourse”, and they are all framed within the “frame of frames”, that of estrangement and cognitive displacement.

Parole chiave

Coronavirus; Framing; Discourse Analysis; Cognitive Estrangement; Blaming

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