Una nota sulla filosofia sociale di Keynes



Keynes attitude, not only in General Theory but also throughout the whole of his intellectual career, is essentially that of making economic theory useful and in particular making it applicable to the problem of eliminating the shortcomings of contemporary economic systems. Keynes’ formulation of the general macroeconomic equilibrium was proceeded over the years by a broader reflection on the nature of the capitalistic economic system, the individual motivations that sustain it and its ethical aspects in comparison to other systems. However, there is almost no trace of this in General Theory, if not only partially in the last chapter of the book. To rebuild these aspects we must refer to a relatively neglected group of essays from 1925 to 1928 that concern the nature of the capitalist system more broadly. The reconstruction of Keynes's thinking on these issues is not only important in itself in order to a better understand the ideas of this century's greatest economist, it is also a contribution understanding the enduring relevant problems and questions that today call for reflection on behalf of economists and politicians.


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Keynes, social philosophy

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