Il vichismo economico (Vico, Galiani, Croce-Economia, liberalismo economico) (Economic Vichism (Vico, Galiani, Croce – economics, economic liberalism))



As every reader of Giambattista Vico’s New Science knows, the book contains a section on “poetic economy” - the economy of the “age of heroes”. This was the first study of such a topic ever conceived. Vico also dealt with some socio-economic problems of later stages of social evolution. In none of his works, however, did he pay specific attention to problems of economics stricto sensu. The present work provides a study of the set of direct and indirect inferences that can be drawn from the principles of the New Science in the economic field - what we might call “Economic Vichism” - and the relationship or analogy, if any, of “Economic Vichism” to later economic theories or viewpoints, and its place in the history of economics.

JEL: B11, B31

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Giambattista Vico, poetic economy, socio-economic problems, social evolution, economic theory, the history of economics

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