language issue 2020

The central theme of this special issue of Status Quaestionis revolves around the controversial nature of English as a lingua franca (ELF), a topic that has gained momentum in language research ever since the process of globalization has turned English into the primary international language in fields as diverse as business, science, technology, education, leisure and tourism. 

Indeed, the steadily growing number of academic publications, journals, books, seminars and international conferences dedicated to ELF shows that a thriving intellectual community has developed over the last twenty years. Hence, the aim of this issue is to engage in the current scientific debate and contribute to an improved understanding of some of the most challenging aspects, e.g. the emergent nature of language and a constructivist notion of ELF, the socio-cultural dimension of ELF as a multilingua franca, the contribution of corpus linguistics to ELF studies, the pedagogic implications of ELF in English language teaching, etc.