La narratologia dei naturalisti e le classi sociali

Guido Scaravilli


The article is divided in two parts. The first one is intended to show the ‘narratologic’ system of naturalist writers through the explanation of Documenti umani preface, De Roberto’s poetic manifesto. In fact, the preface can be seen as the authors’s attempt of a logic recollection and rearrangement of all categories, terms and analytic classes of naturalism epistemology. Nevertheless, the modern narratology is more evolved than the naturalistic one, which is essentially heuristic and more rudimental: the two systems, though, are not specular and must be distinguished. Therefore, in the second part of the article, basing on naturalism epistemology and on De Roberto’s terms, it was carried out a narratological tripartition, with a particular focus on the techniques of consciousness representation and on the crucial question of social classes. The intent was to compare the two theoretical systems and to show analogies and discrepancies between them.

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