L’oggetto fantascientifico. Terrori tecnologici e disumanizzazione

Lorenzo Di Paola, Maurizio Vicedomini, Fausto Maria Greco, Andrea Vitale


The social, political, cultural and technological changes that shock the world in the 19th century; also renew the traditional forms of representation of the old regimes and power. This is the melting pot in which science fiction was born, increasing – and being increased by in turn – the fears the bourgeois society feels because of the technological progress. A brand new kind of ‘science fiction object’ brings a mysterious and destabilizing shadow among the bourgeois society in spite of its positivist optimism. The anxiety turns into nightmare: the dictatorship of these objects can subject and contaminate mankind, annihilating its humanity. By the analysis of books and movies, the article explores the deep bond between bourgeoisie and science fiction, focusing on the objects they both are related to and the restlessness they seem to be made of.

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